£3m house? Boat? Unlimited carrot cake? What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

After a family syndicate in Wales won £61m on EuroMillions, economist and wealth manager Jonathan Davies gave talkRADIO listeners a rundown on how to handle a windfall - whether it's multi-millions or £1,000…

Jackpot: the numbers came up for the Davies family

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What would you do if you suddenly became a multi-millionaire?

This is the question the Davies family, from Monmouthshire in Wales, are asking themselves after scooping £61m on the EuroMillions lottery. 

Mum Sonia, 53, and her 23-year-old Stephanie bought the lucky ticket and will split the cash with three other family members, giving them a wallet-fattening £12m each.  

Jonny Gould (an apartment in Miami Beach and a Maserati Ghibli) and Ash (a New York penthouse and unlimited carrot cake), asked economist and wealth manager Jonathan Davies on how to handle a sudden windfall. 

Open your ears and listen to the interview above -– what would YOU do with £61m?