Puerto Rico decimated after Hurricane Maria makes landfall

Puerto Rico destroyed after Hurricane Maria made landfall overnight

The island has been destroyed by the storm (pictured here while enduring it)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Puerto Rico has been left decimated in the wake of the latest hurricane to hit the Caribbean.

The entire island was left without power as Hurricane Maria bore down on it with winds of 155 miles per hour, destroying hundreds of homes and bringing heavy flooding. 

At least nine people are believed to be dead as a result of the category four hurricane, which made landfall by hammering into the coastal town of Yabucoa. 

While the island's populace waited out the storm - which weakened a few hours after it hit Puerto Rico - in shelters, it was inundated with 20 inches of rain.

The governor, Ricardo Rossello, has asked US President Donald Trump to declare the island a disaster zone, which would allow it to receive federal funding.

The damage left by the storm could further worsen the island's financial crisis, with the government having warned it was running out of money before being affected by Maria.