Punk icon Johnny Rotten blasts 'pompous left-wingers' and urges everyone to back Donald Trump

Punk icon Johnny Rotten urges everyone to support Donald Trump

John Lydon called for people to support Donald Trump

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

70s punk legend Johnny Rotten, has said that the public must get behind Donald Trump, even if they don't like him.

Rotten, real name John Lydon, made the comments when he appeared on our sister station Virgin Radio to chat to Jamie East.

Earlier this week he appeared on Good Morning Britain, claiming that the US President is not racist but simply "terrifies politicians." Some expressed their shock about his comments, so during the interview Jamie questioned him about them.

In repsonse he said: “Whether you like [Donald Trump] or not you have to support him, or you will destroy the country.

“To be smearing him as a racist, this isn’t right, there’s no evidence or proof to that. Until there is I’ll stand up and say 'that’s wrong.'

Lydon also said: “There’s a terrible attitude in left-wing politics.

"They just feel they have the pomposity and right to throw these accusations out, without any evidence."

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