Queen's Speech 'nails the lie of Brexit being simple', says Lib Dem leadership challenger Vince Cable

Queen's Speech 'nails the lie of Brexit being simple', says Sir Vince Cable MP

The contender for the Lib Dem leadership spoke to Paul Ross

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sir Vince Cable MP has claimed the Queen's Speech on Wednesday highlights the "lie of Brexit being simple."

A number of the bills outlined in yesterday's flagship policy address related to plans for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union - and analysts have described the Government's platform as "slimmed down."

Cable, the newly-elected MP for Twickenham and a contender for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats, told Paul Ross it laid bare a supposed "lie" about Brexit.

He said: "It’s very confusing, there’s a lot of legislation to do with Brexit.

"It rather nails the lie we were told of Brexit being simple. It’s complicated and very uncertain.

"For example, there’ll be legislation to take us out of the customs union, and the Government hasn’t yet got to the point of negotiating that outcome."

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