Queen's Speech to reportedly focus on Brexit

Queen's Speech to reportedly focus on Brexit in State Opening of Parliament

The Queen will officially open Parliament later on Wednesday

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Queen is to lay out Theresa May’s plans for government in the Queen’s Speech later on Wednesday - with Brexit likely to be front and centre.

The Queen is expected to lay out a series of bills designed to make a success of the exit negotiations, which began on Monday.

The Queen is to stress on behalf of the Prime Minister the other duties of the Government will not be forgotten as the administration proceeds with negotiations, outlining measures to improve the economy and fix the problems with the housing markets.

It is the first time in decades that a Prime Minister has gone to the State Opening of Parliament without majority support, meaning Theresa May's administration hangs by a thread.

The Conservative Party has been in negotiations with the Democratic Unionist Party to secure a “confidence and supply” deal to garner May’s minority government more support.

However, the talks have reportedly failed to produce an agreement, with a DUP source warning the discussions hadn't progressed in “a way the party would have expected.”

The Queen’s Speech and State Opening of Parliament were delayed in the wake of the election to allow the Conservatives time to secure a deal. It is reported it will take place without much of the usual pomp and ceremony.