Queen's Speech set to be delayed as Theresa May continues DUP talks

Theresa May to reportedly delay Queen's Speech to continue DUP talks

The BBC claims the State Opening of Parliament has been pushed back to allow for time to negotiate with the DUP

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Queen's Speech will reportedly be delayed by Theresa May as she continues to speak to the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) about garnering support for her government. 

The Conservatives are planning to form a minority government with the backing of the DUP in a confidence and supply agreement.

The planned date for the State Opening of Parliament was June 19 - a week today. However the BBC reports that the event will be delayed as the Tories speak to the DUP about giving their government support. 

There has been no immediate denial of this claim from the Prime Minister's team, leaving Westminster speculating. 

The spokesman said it was down to the new leader of the House of Commons - Andrea Leadsom - to provide an update. 

The Tory party won 318 seats in the election last week, falling short of an overall majority. The election was a huge embarrassment for Theresa May, as she had called the vote in the hope of expanding the majority she already had.