Racist note claiming 'Australia is full' left on Indian man's car

Racist note claiming 'Australia is full' left on Indian man's car

The note was left on the man's windscreen

Friday, February 9, 2018

A racist note was left on an Indian man's car in Melbourne whilst he was shopping this week.

The note left on the windscreen said: “Asians out, Indians out, Australia is full," according to SBS.

It was handwritten in blue ink with the words 'out' and 'full' underlined in red.

The incident has left the man fearful that he could be targeted and so he has not revealed his identity.

However his friend Jasmine has spoken out, she told news website Junkee she feels "outraged." She said: “I love Australia…and fortunately I have not been a victim of direct racial slurs.”

The woman added: "Didn’t the Aussies come as immigrants and convicts? Bigotry is cowardice."

She described the man as a "law-abiding, tax-paying, true citizen" and questioned why the colour of his skin should change anything.

The incident has also shocked politicians, with the Premier of Victoria using his Facebook page to say that there is room "for families of every background" in Australia "but there's absolutely no room for this kind of racist crap.”