RAF kidnap attempt: 'Be very suspicious of anyone approaching you' says former army colonel Bob Stewart

Colonel Bob Stewart has advised Royal Air Force personnel to 'be suspicious of anyone' approaching them following the attempted abduction of a serviceman in Norfolk.

RAF Marham, where a serviceman was confronted at knifepoint

Friday, July 22, 2016

A British Army officer turned MP has advised military personnel to 'be suspicious of anyone' following the attempted abduction of a serviceman in Norfolk.

Police are looking for two men described as 'Middle Eastern in appearance' who allegedly attempted to kidnap the man at knifepoint outside his military barracks at RAF Marham.

They have said the attempt may have been 'pre-planned' and motivated by terrorism.

Colonel Stewart, formerly United Nations commander in Bosnia and the MP for Beckenham in south London since 2010, had a stark warning for all members of the armed forces. 

"All service personnel will be warned off," he told Paul Ross.

"They've got to be extra careful, but it's very difficult to protect people in these 'lone wolf'-type attacks, because the armed forces live in among the people. 

"Just be very careful and be very suspicious of anyone approaching you."

Listen to the full interview to hear all of Colonel Stewart's thoughts on the alleged kidnap attempt