Rail prices: Jeremy Corbyn supporter Christian Wolmar demands re-nationalisation as 'great train robbery' protests continue

Rail fares: 'It's time Government stopped trying to fleece people'

Rail fares have risen by 3.4%

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A leading supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has demanded the railways be re-nationalised as the protests over the latest fare increases continue.

Christian Wolmar added that the Government needs to stop trying to fleece people with rail ticket prices, especially as we want more people to use rail travel.

Wolmar, a rail historian and political activist, was speaking to Mike Graham after it emerged that rail ticket prices had risen by an average of 3.4% across the UK. Some campaigners are protesting against the price increase at 40 railway stations today (January 2).

Wolmar said re-nationalisation "is a popular idea - I think what it would do is save a lot of money in terms of the big wages paid to the corporate bodies.

"I think you know it probably will happen at some stage in the future, especially if we do get a Labour Government."

The interviewee added: "I think it’s time that the Government stopped trying to fleece people and stopped these very high above-wage-rise increases on the fares.

"People have no choice, are forced on to the railways and it’s a silly policy because ultimately we want to encourage more people to use the railways."

But this policy, he added, "will encourage people, if they can do anything other than take the train in, they will do so."

He thinks rises will ultimately mean people won't be able to commute "just because it gets too expensive."

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