Rapist jailed for seven years as victim recorded attack on phone

Rapist jailed for seven years as victim recorded attack on phone

The woman recorded the incident on her phone (Stock image)

Friday, October 13, 2017

A man has been jailed for seven years after raping a woman who was able to record the horrific attack on her phone.

Sarbast Fatah had invited his victim to his flat in Gateshead in March, the court heard, after becoming friends with her just a few days earlier.

However, he then pinned the 24-year-old down and attacked her twice, according to Chronicle Live.

What he didn't know was the woman was actually recording the incident, during which she could be heard saying "no, I don’t want to."

The woman also bit the man's genitals before getting out of the flat and reporting the incident to police, the court heard.

At first Fatah denied rape, but on the day of his trial when he could hear the recordings, he decided to give a guilty plea.

Later in court he claimed the reason the attack took place was because he didn't understand British law and the pair had differences in culture.

The man reportedly moved to the UK from Iraq eight years ago. The judge said to Fatah: “The victim has been deeply affected by what you did.

“She had to leave her home and she needs to have someone with her all the time because she doesn’t feel safe to go out. She’s scared and she has flashbacks and her sleep has been affected."

Fatah will now be listed on the sex offenders’ register for life.