Reading and Leeds: Eddy Temple-Morris gives his theory on why pineapples are banned

Reading and Leeds: 'Pineapples may be banned due to a corporate deal'

Pineapples have been banned from Reading and Leeds

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Reading and Leeds may have banned pineapples because they could compromise a corporate deal with a sponsor, Virgin Radio's Eddy Temple-Morris has suggested.

Pineapples have been banned from Reading and Leeds, the twin events which bring an end to the British festival season at the end of August.

Temple-Morris, who organises his own festival, The Secret Garden Party, said "it does seem like political correctness gone mad.

"Reading and Leeds as we know are ferociously corporate festivals... it might be as simple as they’ve done a deal which would be seriously compromised by the appearance of 500 pineapples."

Officially, organisers say they are worried that fans of the band Glass Animals may bring pineapples, because the band's song Pork Soda contains the lyric "pineapples are in my head".

Temple-Morris said there be some truth in this theory, as fans do "just sometimes latch on to a random lyric and make it more important than it actually was meant to be."

During the interview Mike Graham decided he'd enjoy eating some pineapple, but Mike Parry said the "rudest thing in the world is to be eating and talking at the same time."

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