Real Madrid president says there's no way Barcelona will be joining the Premier League

Speculation has been rife that Barca will join the Premier League

Real Madrid's president says there's no chance of Barcelona and Lionel Messi (left) leaving Spain

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The boss of Barcelona's arch-rivals has said there's no chance the Catalan club are leaving the Spanish club.

Following Catalonia's independence referendum and the declaration of independence announced by Carles Puigdemont, speculation has been rife that Barca will be forced to quit La Liga - with the Premier League.

The prospect has left some fans salivating at the prospect of regular league matches between Barcelona and English giants such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. But Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, says this prospect is unthinkable.

Perez told Spanish newspaper El Espanol: "I don't contemplate either a Spain without Catalonia or a Liga without Barca.

"Therefore, I am incapable of answering something that I'm unable even to contemplate."

Perez also spoke about Gerard Pique, the Barcelona defender who has been jeered by Spanish fans following his well-publicised support for independence.

Many have suggested that Pique should be barred from future selection by Spain, but Perez was more diplomatic, saying "I think the national team should be open to all those who feel the national team,who are united and who created a good atmosphere.

"And, to tell you the truth, this is what I've seen the last few matches."