Reddit user 'who created Donald Trump CNN wrestling video' apologises

Reddit user 'who created Donald Trump CNN video' apologises

Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Reddit user who is said to have created the mock-up wrestling video showing Donald Trump attacking the CNN logo has apologised.

On Tuesday (July 4) user "HanAssholeSolo" posted a message to say they didn't agree with violence against the media.

The apology also said “I am in no way this kind of person," and was posted after CNN reportedly found out their identity.

It read: "This has been an extreme wake up call to always consider how others may think or feel about what is being said before clicking the submit button anywhere online that an opinion is allowed.'

CNN’s investigative reporting team, KFile, claims the apology was put up after the broadcaster contacted the user, who didn't reply until after posting the apology.

The alleged creator has now deleted their account from Reddit, according to The Huffington Post.

Trump posted the video, a mock-up from his guest appearance on the WWE wrestling show in 2007, on his Twitter account on Sunday (July 2) with the caption "#FraudNewsNN #FNN." 

CNN responded to the tweet by saying “it’s a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters."

The video Trump posted includes audio, whereas the original posted by "HanAssholeSolo" didn't.

Before posting the apology, the Reddit user had posted to say he was honoured that the President had used the video.

But the White House has not said where the video came from originally and a senior administration official told CNN that the video wasn't taken from Reddit.

After the video was posted, other posts put up by "HanAssholeSolo" were shared on social media and many were criticised for being anti-semitic and racist.