Refugee Crisis: "Whatever the reason, we need to help", says humanitarian campaigner

Refugee crisis: 'We need the government to show leadership', says CalAid volunteer

Calais' overcrowded Jungle camp: no-one's ideal home

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The British government needs to show leadership and stand aside Germany and Sweden in providing hope and safety for refugees, a humanitarian campaigner has told talkRADIO. 

The Home Office won an appeal on Tuesday against a ruling which allowed four Syrian refugees – three teenagers and a 26-year-old man – access to the UK to live with their families. 

The group had been living in the infamous Jungle camp in Calais, France, but the Home Office appealed agains the ruling on the grounds that none of the four had actually applied for asylum. 

They have said that the four will not be deported, but the appeal ruling sets a precedent for future cases. 

Sioban Wall, from humanitarian group CalAid, is calling for the British government to step up and lead by example in the refugee crisis. 

"We've helped people in Calais who've lost all of their possessions when the tents have been bulldozed and cleared," she told Sam Delaney. 

"They've lost their [asylum] application forms and passports.

"A very small amount of people have got any decent shelter. Everyone else is literally in tents and under tarpaulin.

"We need [the government] to show leadership, this is a humanitarian issue

"We need people in government to say we'll take our fair share alongside Germany and Sweden, who've taken millions of people.

"We have to step up and say 'whatever the cause, whatever the reason, when people need help we're here to give it'."

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