Refugee who set homeless man on fire jailed in Germany

Refugee imprisoned following conviction of fire attack on homeless man in Berlin

The defendant was jailed for two years and nine months

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Syrian refugee who set a homeless fan on fire in Berlin has been imprisoned for two years and nine months.

The incident took place on Christmas day 2016, when a group of migrants set fire to the newspaper the Polish man was using to cover himself at Schoenleinstrasse underground station in the German capital.

After they fled, the man was saved by the rapid response of passengers who were present at the station.

The attack was captured on CCTV, and caused a major storm across the country as disgust at the attack was made public. 

The group - aged between 16 and 21 - were quickly taken into custody and six were charged with attempted murder. The seventh member was charged with failing to assist the man after he'd been set alight. 

The refugee in question was believed to be the ringleader of the attack. 

During his trial, his lawyers had said while the refugee could not rule out it was his idea to set the man on fire, he denied having "killing intent". 

He claimed he had been drunk and had no memory of the incident.