Refugees welcome? Germany could start sending hordes of asylum seekers away

Germany could be sending asylum seekers back with the 'Dublin Regulation'

Thomas de Maizière (Getty)

Monday, October 3, 2016

German interior minister Thomas de Maizière has claimed he wants the country to bring back rules which would allow the country to return asylum seekers to EU countries such as Greece.

The regulations transfer responsibility for an asylum claim to the first European country reached by the refugee - meaning they can be turned away by any countries they subsequently reach.

Called the "Dublin convention", the rules were suspended by Germany last year, as Angela Merkel wanted to welcome asylum seekers. This prompted more than one million refugees to arrive in Germany, and triggered widespread criticism from groups unhappy with the huge influx of people into the country. Germany has also witnessed a number of protests and acts of violence in recent months.

Speaking to Greek daily Kathimerini, De Maizière also said Germany has provided Greece with enough financial assistance to deal with the hordes of asylum seekers flooding into the country.

In another interview with the ARD TV channel, he said Greece must speed up the process of returning those asylum seekers whose claims have failed to Turkey.