Remain MP Ben Bradshaw tells Julia he 'can't remember' what he said on single market during Brexit referendum

Julia and Ben Bradshaw clashed over Brexit

Julia gave Ben Bradshaw (right) a tough time on her show this morning

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a heated debate with pro-Remain Labour MP Ben Bradshaw on Brexit, which culminated in the lawmaker saying he "can't remember" what he said on the single market during last year's referendum.

Bradshaw, who has said he is going to defy Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Article 50, told Julia the people of Britain didn't "vote to leave the single market" when they voted for Leave last summer.

Julia promptly grilled Bradshaw on this, asking whether he had made the distinction between leaving the EU and leaving the single market last year - leading to a heated exchange.

Our presenter also suggested that, by voting against triggering the Brexit process, Bradshaw was implicitly saying the British people got it wrong by voting to sever ties with the European Union. Bradshaw admitted he thought Brexit was a "strategic mistake" but stopped short of saying the people had made an error.

He also said “there are scores of amendments" to the Article 50 bill which seek to soften or mitigate Brexit, and he "will be supporting those."

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