Remainer James McGrory: 'Brexit is going to happen but Theresa May can't be given a blank cheque'

Remainer James McGrory accepts Brexit is inevitable, but we can still stay in the single market

Theresa May mustn't be given free rein to steer Britain into a hard Brexit, says James McGrory

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A leading Remainer has told Paul Ross that Theresa May can't be given a "blank cheque" to steer Britain towards a hard Brexit.

James McGrory, director of Open Britain, also suggested many Brexiteers are deluded in their view of the forthcoming negotiations with Brussels.

The interviewee, conceded that "Brexit is going to happen" but said his aim is to make Theresa May and the Government "change its course from the hard Brexit that they seem set on."

McGrory also suggested that there is a lack of reality in Britain at the moment. The Government, he said, is currently suggesting it can obtain a trade deal which will "retain all of the benefits of EU membership with none of the costs and things you don't like." 

This view, he said, was "unrealistic and a bit fantastical," adding that he wants to see "more reality about what will be achievable in these talks".

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