Remainers warn Bombardier tariff is sign of impending Brexit nightmare

'Pie in the sky Brexit' - Many warn Bombardier tariff is sign of awful Brexit to come

Import tariffs are to be imposed on Bombardier

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Many are warning that tariffs imposed by the US on Bombardier show the outcome of Brexit will not be positive as the US "is not our friend."

The US has announced that it will be taxing C-Series jets made by the Canadian company, which employs hundreds of people in Northern Ireland, with a 220% import tariff.

US company Boeing, a key rival of Bombardier, had claimed that it was unfair that the latter received subsidies from the UK and Canada before the tax announcement was made, according to the BBC.

Theresa May has said she will work hard to protect Bombardier staff in Northern Ieland, but many Twitter users are nonetheless saying the US decision is a warning of what will happen after Brexit, suggesting Britain will struggle to get the trade deals envisaged by those who advocated quitting the EU last year.


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