Remains of '1,700-year-old gay couple' found in Iran

Remains of 'gay Roman soldiers' more than 1,700-years old found in Iran

Remains of Roman soldiers have been found (Stock image)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The remains of two Roman soldiers have been found in Iran more than 1,700 years after their death, and it is believed the pair were a gay couple.

It is claimed that the two men, who have been given the names Sergio and Bacco, were killed by the Romans themselves in a religious dispute, according to Clarin.

US historian John Boswell says he thinks the soldiers were in a relationship however his theory, perhaps not surprisingly, hasn't actually been proven.

The remains were found in an a church in Urmia and the age of the remains match the claims of when they were killed in the Catholic Christian calendar.

It is believed that the soldiers held a high position - but then Roman Emperor Maximinus II denounced them for refusing to pay tribute to Jupiter.

Before they were killed, it is claimed they had to wear women's clothes so they would be mocked by others - showing homophobia was as much a part of the ancient world as it is ours.

Silvano Vinceti, the head of Exploration of Protestantism in the Iranian region of western Azerbaijan, said the discovery is of great importance as it was thought the remains may never be found.