Republicans furious after Donald Trump cuts Storm Harvey deal with Democrats

Republicans furious after Donald Trump makes deal with Democratic Party

The deal was apparently made right in front of party leaders at the White House

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Donald Trump has provoked the outrage of his own party after cutting a deal with the Democrats. 

Republicans were left shocked and "livid" after the US President made the arrangement in order to ensure aid is channelled to people affected by Storm Harvey. 

The deal also intends to raise the debt ceiling - the amount of money the US government is able to borrow, decided by the Treasury - and to prevent the possibility of government shutdown. 

The latter option has been threatened by Trump if funding for his Mexico wall is not granted in the key vote later this year. 

It came as a surprise to leaders and members of the Republican Party, who were reportedly present when it was made. 

A number of senators, like North Carolina's Mark Walker, expressed their shock, while others seethed in private and distanced themselves from the move.

The US President's relationship with his party has come under strain in the past few months amid a series of rebellions against key policy, like the Obamacare repeal.