Research suggests climate change not as threatening as previously thought

Research suggests climate change is not as threatened as believed to be

The research comes from University of Oxford scientists

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New research has suggested climate change is not as much of a threat to the planet as was previously thought. 

Scientists at the University of Oxford have found the world's pollution output and its carbon footprint, are not as serious as previous studies have suggested. 

The study means the world has more time to get a grip of its waste problem and get the problem of global warning under control.

The findings of the Oxford researchers were published in the Nature Geoscience journal. 

The authors also suggested that if pollution levels were to peak, and then decline, before 2030, there is a chance that average global temperatures will remain within 1.5 degrees of pre-industrial levels - a key aim of the Paris climate change agreement.

The findings come months after Donald Trump caused controversy by opting to withdraw from the agreement.