Restaurateur to be jailed for trying to profit from Paris attacks

Paris Attacks 2015

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A restaurant manager has been sentenced to prison after pretending to be a victim of the fatal Paris attacks in 2015.

Yann Abdelhamid Mohamadi claimed he was in the cellar of the Casa Nostra restaurant he owned when gunmen opened fire, killing five people outside.

However, the national victim's guarantee fund, the FGTI, found he was not at the scene of any of the attacks after he tried to claim compensation from them.

The court sentenced him to a year in prison for the attempted fraud.

Mohamadi has already been convicted of selling and distributing a video of the attack to the Daily Mail newspaper, and was handed a six month suspended sentence and a fine of thousands of euros.

French media reported at the time that the footage had been sold for more than £40,000.

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