Retired firefighter forced to seek private care for PTSD as NHS took too long to help

Retired firefighter had private care for PTSD as NHS took too long to help

Some retired firefighters have been affected by images of Grenfell Tower

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A retired firefighter has revealed he had to get private psychological treatment for PTSD as the NHS took too long to help.

Former station commander Roger Moore revealed his mental health problems as The Fire Fighters Charity released a video to emphasise the amount of firefighters dealing with mental health issues after working in traumatic situations.

Moore told Sky News he went to the charity after retiring from 30 years of service and suffering several episodes which led to being diagnosed with PTSD.

The charity was able to help him gain psychological treatment and he also got treatment privately.

He told Sky that without the help "I would definitely be self-harming now and there's a reasonably good chance I would have committed suicide."

It has also been revealed that retired firefighters have reported mental health issues after seeing images of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Doctor Jill Tolfrey, who is from the Fire Fighters Charity, told Sky that these mental health problems are "invisible injuries" and they are regularly "carried by firefighters in silence."

She added that they can also "have far-reaching long-term consequences affecting families and family life and if ignored, potentially leading to depression, self-harm or even suicide."

Tolfrey also explained that many former firefighters have got in touch with the charity to say the Grenfell Tower fire has triggered memories from their own work.

The Chief Fire Officers' Association has found that 41,000 shifts a year are lost in England and Wales because of firefighters suffering mental health problems.