Revealing BBC salaries "legally quite difficult", says media commentator

'I think it's legally quite difficult' - Journalist explains BBC legal difficulty with salary disclosure

How many going through these doors earn more than the PM?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The government could face a legal challenge if it tries to force the BBC to reveal the pay-packets of stars who earn more than the prime minister. 

Freelance journalist Neil Midgley, who writes extensively on the media for The Telegraph, told talkRADIO that the disclosure of BBC salaries might not be as easy as the government thinks.

A white paper published in May already requires the taxpayer-funded corporation to disclose earners of more than £450,000, but the Commons' culture, media and sport select committee has now asked the broadcaster to reveal the name of anybody who earns more than PM Theresa May – currently £143,462.

"The BBC has put its house in order with those top stars' pay," Midgley told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"The question is how much transparency should there be?

"Unusually, I do have a bit of sympathy for the BBC. 

"I think it's legally quite difficult with data protection, lawsuits, etc."

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