Richard Ratcliffe: Iran ‘can’t ignore’ diplomatic protection for my wife

Friday, March 8, 2019

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband welcomed the granting of diplomatic protection to his imprisoned wife and said the move was a "clear signal" to Iran. 

The invocation of diplomatic protection means the case has now been escalated to a “formal, State to State level” and opens up the possibility of the British Government taking Iran to an international court of law.

Her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer he was pleased Mr Hunt had “clearly signalled” his support.



Mr Ratcliffe said: “What it means is all the injustice that Nazanin has suffered has been recognised by the government as injustice and the government is essentially taking forward her case as their own and any injustice she suffers is now also an injury British government.

“It’s not within Iran’s power to refuse to recognise it, now the UK has invoked it. They can contest it but they can’t ignore it."


'Nazanin will be very heartened'

Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe has spent almost three years in an Iranian jail. 

Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe was sentenced to five years for spying in 2016, a charge denied by both her and the British government.

Her husband said since her imprisonment she had developed symptoms she feared might be related to cancer, but she had been refused medical attention by the Iranian authorities.

Although Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned the decision would not be a “magic wand”, Mr Ratcliffe said the news will give his wife hope.

“She’s getting very low, but even the question of the Foreign Secretary asking if she wants it has really lifted her up, so I’m sure she will be very heartened that he’s made such a clear statement,” he added.