Richard Tice: 'Ridiculous machinations’ won’t stop no-deal Brexit

Richard Tice Leave Means Leave

Richard Tice said the chances for no-deal were increasing every day.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The co-founder  of Leave Means Leave has said he believes the country will leave the EU without a deal in ten days’ time despite Mrs May’s speech on Tuesday.

Theresa May announced she would be seeking a further extension to Article 50 in order to facilitate talks on a compromise deal with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes, Richard Tice said the “ridiculous machinations” by MPs would not stop a no-deal Brexit.

“As every day goes by we are getting closer to leaving on April 12 with no-deal,” Mr Tice said.

“All these ridiculous machinations of effort and desperation by Number 10, Cabinet and Parliament, they are forgetting they voted last year to leave with or without a deal.”

Mr Tice recently led the March for Leave procession from Sunderland to London, which culminated in a Parliament Square rally on Friday.

He said that if MPs attempted to delay or even stop Brexit it would be a “complete betrayal of trust”.

“Let me tell you, the voters on the street know exactly what they are talking about, they are talking with increasing fury, anger and despair at these weak MPs who do not seem to believe in our country,” Mr Tice said.

“The mood of the country is well ahead of these weak, timid MPs who have no courage or conviction in our ability to survive, thrive and prosper.”

Mr Tice said he did not believe the EU would agree to a longer extension beyond April 12. 

He added: "There were strong reasons for them adopting that date and I just don’t understand how the PM thinks they can adopt an alternative course." 


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