Richard Tice: Tories and Labour 'out of touch' with voters

Richard Tice is one of 29 Brexit Party members elected to the European Parliament

Friday, May 31, 2019

The Brexit Party's chairman has accused  Labour and the Conservative Party of being “completely out of touch" with voters.

Richard Tice told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer that a new poll showing strong support for the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party is a sign “people are looking elsewhere”.

“The two party system has failed. It’s failed politics it’s failed the country it’s failed the people, and people are looking for other options," he said.

The YouGov poll showed the Liberal Democrats in first place with 25 per cent, followed by the Brexit Party on 22 per cent.

The Conservatives and Labour were tied on 19 per cent.

“We’re a bit disappointed to be second to the Liberal Democrats, but let’s just remember we’ve been around for about seven weeks," he said.

"The Liberal Democrats have been around for about 100 years."

The newly-elected MEP believed the format of the poll put his party at a disadvantage.

“We weren’t in the main list for selections; we were listed under ‘other’. So you had to click on ‘other’ and then you found our name. “

He added if the Brexit Party were listed with the main parties “we probably would have led.”

Mr Tice remained coy on supporting any of the candidates for the Tory leadership.

“It’s hard to know who we can truly trust on this issue because all of the frontrunners they voted for truly the worst deal in history, Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, at the third reading.”

“If they’re prepared to vote for that, then what’s to say they wouldn’t vote for something very similar in the future.”

He added: “I find it extraordinary that many of the Conservative leadership contenders are still talking about some sort of dirty dodgy compromise.”

When asked about a coalition with the Tories he said “let’s see what happens”.

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