Ricky Gervais' partner Jane Fallon discusses her new book My Sweet Revenge with Penny Smith

Penny Smith's book club: Jane Fallon on her book My Sweet Revenge

Jane Fallon and her partner, Ricky Gervais

Monday, January 23, 2017

Best-selling author Jane Fallon popped by the talkRADIO studio to chat with Penny Smith. 

The novellist and partner of superstar Ricky Gervais told our host about her newest offering, My Sweet Revenge.

She told Penny that she didn't expect any of her literary success.

"I always thought it was people who were born into literary families who wrote," she told Penny Smith. "That you were sort of brought up to do these things and it fell into your lap naturally. 

"I don't know what happened, but I had a sudden fit of bravery. I'd had the idea for Getting Rid of Matthew [her first book], and I thought - if I don't take this and try and write it as a book, I'll never have an idea like it.

"In this one, our heroine Paula discovers her husband is having an affair. But she doesn't want him to run off into the sunset with his mistress, so she decides to try to win him back, so that when he does, she'll kick him out and it'll really hurt him."

Listen above.