Right-wing papers blast Labour manifesto over Jeremy Corbyn's tax plans

Right-wing papers blast Labour manifesto over Jeremy Corbyn's tax plans

The Daily Mail and The Telegraph have lambasted the Labour Leader over his tax plans

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Right-wing newspapers have gone for Jeremy Corbyn over his plans for tax outlined in the Labour manifesto. 

The Labour leader officially unveiled the party's plans if it is elected in Bradford on Tuesday - one week after a version of it was leaked to the press.

In it, he announced he would scrap tuition fees, and renationalise rail, water, Royal Mail, and other services.

Corbyn also said there would be around £49 billion in annual spending for key services, which would be paid for by increasing tax on high earners and corporations, if Labour is elected in June.

However, some media outlets were quick to tear into this.

The Telegraph wrote a headline and accompanying article claiming Corbyn's tax plans would leave Britain £250bn in debt - which it called the biggest tax burden since the 1950s.

The article claimed the plan to raise money from businesses and weathly earners wouldn't generate enough to fund Labour's spending policies, leaving an annual shortfall of roughly £28bn.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail claimed in a comment piece the manifesto presents an opportunity for Theresa May, because it shows Jeremy Corbyn has cut himself off from the lives of ordinary workers.

The document was labelled "a blueprint for national ruin and mass unemployment."