Rio2016: Britain 'cares far too much about the Olympics'

Daily Mail journalist Peter Hitchens savages the Olympics

The Mail On Sunday journalist blasted 'the fuss' Great Britain and other countries create around the competition

Monday, August 22, 2016

Journalist Peter Hitchens has blasted the Olympics, saying winning medals "has no objective value whatsoever."

Hitchens, a writer for The Mail on Sunday, blasted the "pretense" surrounding the sporting event, telling Paul Ross: "It's the fuss, the use of words such as 'glorious', the wrapping of flags around people, the pretense that in some way winning a lot of alloy disks makes a country great, which I cannot bear. 

"I don't think it's real, that it has any objective value whatsoever. It makes absolutely no difference to the national debt, it makes no difference to the balance of payments deficit.

"I think we're overdoing it, and I think we should calm down."