Rise in knife crime a 'horrific national crisis'

Rise in knife crime a 'horrific national crisis'

Flower tributes left near the scene of a fatal stabbing in Harold Hill, east London.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Labour MP Sarah Jones has branded Britain's rise in knife crime a "horrific national crisis".

The chair of the Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime appeared on the Matthew Wright show in the wake of multiple knife attacks in a matter of days, including one at a Lancashire college.

"This is a major national crisis and it is one of those issues that were there not Brexit, perhaps there would be more focus on it," Ms Jones said.



The MP for Croydon Central said it would take "more than police intervention" to bring instances of knife crime down, and called on Theresa May to take a cross-government approach on the issue.

"She hasn't led any kind of cross-government task force or indeed done anything apart from yesterday, intervening and saying there's no connection between police and violent crime," she said.

"It makes you ask the question, well what are the police for then?".

The number of children in England aged 16 and under being stabbed rose by 93 per cent between 2016 and 2018, figures show.

"It is a horrific national crisis that needs leadership from the very top," she added.