Robert Jenrick denies more will resign over Dominic Cummings

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Robert Jenrick has reiterated Downing Street’s support for Dominic Cummings following the first government resignation linked to the row over his alleged lockdown breach.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the Housing Secretary said: “The Cabinet and the Prime Minister are fully behind Dominic.

“He’s made a very extensive statement in an unprecedented one for a special adviser, he answered every question that was put to him by the media, explaining the circumstances and the decisions he took.”

It comes as Scottish minister Douglas Ross resigned from his post today because he disagreed with the government’s defence of the chief adviser’s decision to drive from London to Durham during lockdown.

Mr Jenrick said he was sorry to see Mr Ross go but that he did not expect the issue to cause any further resignations.

“I hope we can now move forward and devote our energy and time to the things that matter most in the next phase in the virus,” he added.

However, anger at Mr Cummings still persists among some Conservative backbenchers.

Conservative MP William Wragg, chairman of the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, said it was “humiliating” to see ministers defending Mr Cummings.

Meanwhile, East Devon MP Simon Jupp suggested that Mr Cummings should consider his position, saying he has felt “anger, disappointment and frustration” during the fallout.

Veteran Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale said the backbench 1922 Committee should tell Mr Johnson that Mr Cummings has to go.

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