Robert Lewis: Man who terrified wife of Philip Green' stepson in £2 million jewellery heist jailed

Man who stole from wife of Sir Philip Green’s stepson sentenced to 18 years in prison

Robert Lewis has 14 previous convictions

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A man who terrified the wife of Sir Philip Green’s stepson as he stole from her mansion in a £2 million jewellery theft has been jailed for 21 years.

Robert Lewis was inside Magda Palos' home, after coming in through a window, when she came out of the shower in a towel, according to The Daily Mail.

Lewis was led to Palos's bedroom by her six-year-old daughter, and he was holding wire cutters above her head when Palos realised what was happening.

Palos - whose husband, Brett Palos, is the son of Green's wife Lady Tina Green - moved her daughter to the bathroom in an attempt to protect her from the man and started finding valuables to give to the thief.

Three gold Cartier bracelets, a Chanel Camelia ring, an 11 carat diamond ring, a heart-shaped diamond ring, a day-date Rolex, a Daytona Rolex, a diamond Rolex and an Explorer Rolex were taken from Palos' home.

When Lewis left the home he allegedly told the woman not to alert anyone to what had happened for 10 minutes.

During his trial, Lewis - who has 14 previous convictions for attempted burglary or burglay - did not give evidence and denied that he had committed the offence.

He was eventually convicted of burglary and robbery, but cleared of aggravated burglary. 

He is also to be sentenced for firearm offences and dangerous driving after he aimed what appeared to be a machine gun at officers who were attempting to arrest him.

The goods he took from Palos' home were worth £2,030,249, however he also caused £26,596 worth of damage to the mansion.