Roberto Firmino Liverpool transfer: Hoffenheim reject Football Leaks claims

Friday, May 12, 2017

German club TSG Hoffenheim have rejected the claims made by Football Leaks regarding Roberto Firmino's transfer to Liverpool, saying the amount they received from the deal is far higher than the whistleblower website alleges.

Hoffenheim sold Firmino to Liverpool in 2015 in a deal worth a reported £29 million. However Football Leaks claims the selling club received just £5.8 million from the deal, with the rest of the proceeds going to a third party - an investment vehicle run by German entrepreneur Dietmar Hopp.

Earlier today it was reported that Fifa, which earlier this week announced an inquiry into Paul Pogba's move to Manchester United, is also planning to investigate the Firmino transfer.

However Hoffenheim have said the claims made by Football Leaks are wide of the mark, telling talkRADIO: "I assure you that the amount of money involved in the Roberto Firmino transfer to Liverpool that shall have stayed with TSG Hoffenheim is much bigger than the amount that has been reported by different media today.

"About 70 percent of the amount [around £20 million if the official figures are correct] stayed with TSG."

talkRADIO has asked Fifa whether it plans to investigate the Firmino deal, but we have yet to receive a reply.

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