Robot leopard roams streets of London - having been unleashed by National Geographic

National Geographic unveils first ever hyper-realistic animatronic leopard in London

The first ever animatronic leopard has been created (Stock image)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

National Geographic has unveiled the first ever hyper-realistic animatronic leopard to promote Big Cat Week.

The leopard was created by animatronics designers John Nolan Studio and has been placed on the streets of London at night to raise awareness about threats to big cats, Fan Carpet reported.

The robot was created to emulate big cats who roam the streets in Mumbai and it took over two months to complete.

National Geographic explorer Dereck Joubert said: “This realistic leopard brings the serious big cat issues to the UK. In places like Mumbai this is a stark reality.

"Loss of habitat has given the leopards no choice but to share territory with man and they have consequently become the most persecuted of all the big cat species, resulting in many attacks."

The team who made the leopard have also worked on Harry Potter and Spy in the Wild. It requires three people to operate and has 40 different moving parts, according to Licensing Biz

The idea was inspired by the programme Mission Critical: Leopards at the Door, which will be broadcast on Nat Geo Wild. It shows a photographer and cameraman who follow a leopard at night in Mumbai.