Robot Mickey Mouse on the way? Disney to introduce life-size animatronic characters in theme parks

Disney to create life-size animatronic robots for theme parks

Disney plans to use robots in its theme parks (Stock image)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Disney is reportedly planning on using animatronic robots in its theme parks to interact with children.

The company's head of research and development, Jon Snoddy, has revealed plans for life-sized robots based on popular characters, according to Clip Set.

The robots would be controlled by artificial intelligence, which would allow the robots to have both knowledge and personality.

Although little information has actually been released about the robots, it is expected that they will become a key element of the theme parks and the idea has been patented.

However, Snoddy has warned that the robots will need a lot of development, as any small failure could have a large impact on a child, so they must be made safely and securely.