Rod Liddle: 'No way Boris Johnson can improve Brexit deal'

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Columnist Rod Liddle has accused Boris Johnson of failing to offer anything new on Brexit should he win the leadership race.

He told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham he expects to be unhappy with the way Britain leaves the EU.

“I can’t see that Boris Johnson is going to get through a deal which is in any substantial way better than the one which Theresa May put to us,” he said.

“Boris is doing exactly the same thing that the Tory Party was doing over the last two years. He’s saying we must hold out for a no deal, we must let people know that there is a chance of a no deal.”

He added: “If you say it’s a bargaining chip, it ceases to be one.”

Those seeking to keep no deal on the table suffered a major setback in the House of Commons when it voted to prevent the next Prime Minister suspending Parliament to force Brexit through.

Mr Johnson has refused to rule out this option; however Jeremy Hunt said he would resign before ever shutting down Parliament.

Mr Liddle expects Mr Johnson to emerge as the next Prime Minister, and said there’s nothing he wouldn’t do “in order to keep himself there”.

However he predicts the new Prime Minister may struggle for support in the north of England.

“They don’t go for that shtick up there. They don’t go for the great sense of entitlement that Boris seems to have,” he said.

“I can see Boris tacking towards the remainer side very rapidly because the maths are the same as they were when Theresa May was there.”

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