Rolf Harris has conviction overturned

BREAKING: Rolf Harris has conviction overturned

Rolf Harris still has 11 other convictions

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rolf Harris has had one of his convictions overturned, after claiming the jury at his trial on indecent assault was "poisoned" by false allegations.

However, his other 11 convictions have not been overturned and the Court Of Appeal has said these will not be re-trialled, according to The Sun.

Harris had claimed he had new evidence which he wanted to use in an attempt to quash convictions he was given in 2014.

The new evidence was gained after he employed private investigators to gather information from witnesses.

Reports state this evidence was related to claims of a girl being groped by the children's entertainer at a community centre in Portsmouth.

Harris' defence counsel Stephen Vullo claimed that, when he was convicted of this offences, the prosecution told the jury to use their common sense.

Vullo said that "with that power comes a responsibility" and the prosecution should not be able to bring forward charges "that are very weak and not investigated properly." 

He added: "The problem comes when there is a drop of poison on the charge and the jury did not know that to be the case."