Romanian government blamed for attempted kidnapping of businessman's wife

Romania blamed for an attempted kidnapping of a businessman's wife

Alexander Adamescu (Credit: Twitter @Sfin_ro)

Monday, January 9, 2017

The wife of a businessman currently battling extradition to Romania has accused the country's government of attempting to kidnap her in London. 

Two masked men attempted to grab Adriana Constantinescu and drag her into a car outside her St. John's Wood home in the British capital.

Her husband - Alexander Adamescu, who was arrested on corruption charges last June - appeared in court yesterday to answer a European Arrest Warrant demanding his extradiction to Romania.

Ahead of this appearance in court, she said the kidnap attempt was a core part of a state-sponsored campaign by prosecuters and "intelligence agents" to intimidate Adamescu and his family by showing "what they are capable of doing." 

Romania has been routinely criticsed by the EU, which has called it one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and placed it under a monitoring scheme.