Romanian kidnappers 'demanded £200 to free their hostage'

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Officers in the Spanish town of Sagunt have arrested a couple of Romanian origin who allegedly kidnapped a man and demanded just £200 for his release.

The couple - a 39-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman - are accused of illegal detention. It is alleged that they kept their victim, also of Romanian extraction, hostage for a week, and demanded €220 (£195) to free him.

Spanish police claim the hostage was a member of the kidnappers' work gang, and they imprisoned him in the house they were living in.

The police swooped on the kidnappers after planting a listening device in a local petrol station. A friend of the victim went to the station to negotiate his release, and police made the arrest as soon as money changed hands.

The kidnapped man was found in a nearby car, according to local news outlet Las Provincias.

Investigators found that the man had been working for his alleged kidnappers in Albacete for 15 days in September and had earned a total of just €80 in that period.

The kidnapped man moved in with his kidnappers in Sagunt at the start of October and they allegedly imprisoned him when he refused to pay what they claimed was a debt to them.

The alleged kidnappers have been passed into judicial control and have been forbidden from leaving Spain.

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