Room-mates find two-foot python in laundry room - so they keep it and name it after Taylor Swift

Room-mates find two-foot python in laundry room, but decide to keep it and name it T Swift

The room-mates found a ball python and kept it (Stock image)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Room-mates in Canada were shocked to find a ball python hiding in their laundry room, but decided the best course of action would be to keep it as a pet.

Not only that, they've decided to name the two-foot long snake T Swift, because the singer's recent campaign used images of snakes.

Peter Quebec-Stacey explained that his room-mate was terrified when she saw the snake under a washing machine, according to UPI.

He told the Calgary Herald that she was screaming and they were both worried about moving the snake as they weren't sure what it would do when handled.

However, he then decided that the snake must have been someone's pet so made the brave decision to put gloves on, move the machine and pick up the snake.

Quebec-Stacey said: "Once we realized how sweet she is we both had a good laugh at how crazy the whole situation was."

The pair took the snake to a local vet and it was determined that the animal was healthy. They then tried to locate the owner on Facebook, however no-one came forward.

As no one else claimed the snake, they decided they would keep her as a pet, despite only living in the building for just two weeks.

Quebec-Stacey explained: "We just both kind of fell in love with her. I just felt bad for her, it must have been terrifying for her."