Rory Stewart eliminated from leadership race

Rory Stewart was knocked out in the third ballot

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rory Stewart has been knocked out of the leadership race after losing 10 supporters in the third ballot.

He only managed to garner 27 votes, 11 behind Sajid Javid.

Mr Stewart was the surprise packet of the second ballot yesterday when he jumped from last place to fourth with 37 votes.

He was commended for a strong performance in the first leadership debate, however he struggled to make an impact in the more chaotic second debate last night.

The international development secretary had sought to set himself apart from his fellow MPs during the race, and insisted he was the only one talking sense on Brexit.

On Twitter he said he was “moved and inspired” by the support he received during the campaign.

“It has given me a new faith in politics, a new belief in our country. I didn’t get enough MPs to believe today - but they will,” he wrote.

Boris Johnson has improved his already commanding lead, jumping from 126 votes to 143.

He gained the support of former contender Dominic Raab after he was knocked out yesterday.

Sajid Javid was in last place in the second round of voting, but managed to boost his support from 33 votes to 38.

However he is still far behind the rest of the pack.

The battle between Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt to be the second favourite has tightened after a strong ballot performance from Mr Gove.

He gained ten votes to narrow the gap between him and Mr Hunt to just three.

Conservative MPs will vote twice tomorrow, at 1pm and 6pm.

The final two candidates will then seek to gain the support of Conservative Party members.


Boris Johnson - 143

Jeremy Hunt - 54

Michael Gove - 51

Sajid Javid - 38

Rory Stewart – 27 (eliminated)


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