Rose McGowan: ‘I despise people who abuse power’

Rose McGowan: ‘I despise people who abuse power’

Actor and director Rose McGowan

Monday, March 18, 2019

Director Rose McGowan has said that she “despises people who abuse power” but added that she felt that was a "clear enemy" for most people too.

The Director, who rose to fame as Paige in TV show Charmed, became part of the #MeToo movement after she publicly accused the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of rape when they first met over 20 years ago.

Weinstein has been accused of rape, assault and harassment by a number of women – all of which he denies.



McGowan told talkRADIO's Badass Women's Hour show that it took a huge amount of “strength” to go public with her accusations.

“It was a huge thing,” she said. “It is why I had to conserve so much of my energy for years and I knew I was going to have a hell of a fight on my hands.

“It took a huge amount of strength and nearly killed me I think.”

She added: “I despise people who abuse power and I think that is a pretty clear enemy to have.”


'Rage for justice' 

McGowan added that as woman who became famous young in Hollywood, she had “no way of speaking for herself”.

She said: “I am somebody who has been a homeless teenager so when you get discovered very young and you get famous very quickly – what other job are you going to get?

“You’re backed into this weird corner and in this power structure that does not reward anyone who speaks out.”



She added that she had always had a “rage for justice”.

“I have always this rage for justice since I was zero,” she said.

“My father said that I was born with a fist up in the air.”


'Hollywood just wants it to go away' 

McGowan suggested that people in power have to step up to call out Hollywood, like actress Emma Thompson who quit the animated film Luck, after the production company Skydance Animation made it public that John Lasseter would be its new boss.

Mr Lasseter was forced to leave Disney after acknowledging “missteps” in his behavior with female employees.



McGowan said: “Hollywood just wants it to go away and stop. It is incumbent on people like us and Emma Thompson who can exert some power to say no.

“It sucks that we have to but until they can clean up their own backyard, we have to do it.”