Ross Kemp 'banished to the other end of the house' during England games

Monday, July 9, 2018

Ross Kemp has said he is "banished to the other end of the house" during England's World Cup matches.

Topless videos of him celebrating the team's victories over Colombia and Sweden have gone viral.

He told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "I have to watch it on my own. There is now a routine, I'm not going to jinx anything.

"I'm never going to play for England but there is a routine there and I'm not breaking it.

"I generally have to watch it on my own because I'm a danger to myself and others."

Explaining why he is never wearing a shirt in the videos, he said it's "a hot room, clearly".

The former EastEnders star is father to twin daughters, who were born last September, so said for that reason he is "banished to the other end of the house".

Kemp added that he is so determined to stick to his routine that he would turn down tickets to the semi-final.

He said: "They could offer me a Learjet all the way to Moscow with caviar and whatever you want, fine wines. I am staying in my little hot room with my two beers because it's working.

"With Brexit and everything else that is going on, it's bringing us all together and rightly so, and we should all be incredibly proud of those guys.

"It will either be Brussels (Belgium) or Paris (France) in the final if we win on Wednesday so they are all good omens are far as I'm concerned.

"We have to beat them, come on England."

GMB host Kate Garraway also showed her support for the England team by donning a waistcoat in tribute to manager Gareth Southgate.

It comes after Andrew Marr and Sunday Brunch stars Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy also wore waistcoats on their programmes in reference to Southgate's signature item of clothing.

England will play Croatia in the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday, kicking off at 7pm.