Rotherham Council 'transformed' since child sex scandal, says Ofsted

Rotherham Council 'transformed' since child sex exploitation scandal, says Ofsted

It is thought more than 1,000 children were exploited

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ofsted claims Rotherham Council's children's services have been "transformed" since the child sex exploitation scandal was uncovered in 2014.

Four years ago the watchdog found it had "widespread and serious failures" in relation to children who needed help from the council and its services were "inadequate." The report forced then-council leader Roger Stone to resign and the Government to assume control.

A separate inquiry discovered at least 1,400 children had been sexually exploited in Rotherham, according to The Telegraph.

However Ofsted inspected the council again in November last year and found an improvement in the "quality and impact of services for children" as young people at risk are "recognised early and responded to."

It also said the council has a "robust response" set-up which is able to focus on complex abuse work.

Ofsted added: "The corporate response and associated change in the quality of children's services has been impressive."

Patricia Bradwell, Rotherham Council's children's commissioner, told the BBC that hard work has brought the council to this stage and "I am delighted that this hard work has been recognised in this way."