Rude Jeremy Corbyn supporters are responsible for his disastrous poll ratings, says media professor

'Jeremy Corbyn is down in the polls because his supporters are rude on social media', says media professor

Jeremy Corbyn has blamed the media for his unpopularity

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn should blame his own supporters, not the media, for his disastrous poll ratings.

That's the view of journalist and media professor Charlie Beckett, who spoke to talkRADIO after Mr Corbyn criticised the media in an interview with ITV.

Mr Corbyn claimed the media is “utterly obsessed” with his leadership and the media is “failing” to cover his policies.

Media professor at the London School of Economics Charlie Beckett told Sam Delaney that Corbyn's supporters are very active on social media" but "the trouble is they put everybody else off" from supporting him because "sometimes... they’re rather rude."

Beckett added that although Mr Corbyn is "frustrated because his poll numbers are historically bad", his radical agenda will always create criticism and he "hasn’t got the communication skills" to explain his policies.

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