This is the rudeness you're famous for': Carole Malone and Alastair Campbell in furious row over Brexit and Nigel Farage

'Incredibly rude' - Carole Malone and Alastair Campbell's fiery row over Brexit

Alastair Campbell claimed people are "worried" about Brexit

Friday, January 12, 2018

Carole Malone has accused Alastair Campbell of being "incredibly rude" during a fiery row over Brexit.

Our morning co-host, a staunch Brexiteer, said Campbell was "so patronising... this is what you're famous for" in a lengthy clash over Nigel Farage's comments yesterday, which hinted at support for a second referendum.

Tony Blair's former comms chief welcomed the idea of re-running the EU vote, but hinted that he would keep fighting to stay in the bloc even if the UK voted to Leave again.

He also suggested the tide of public opinion is turning against the Brexiteers, who are "worried the argument is running away from them."

He added: "A lot of people who didn't vote, or who voted Leave, are starting to get genuinely worried about the impact in real terms - the cost, the chaos.

"We were told this was going to be very, very straightforward. We were told they were going to need us more than we need them, we were going to get more money for the NHS, not less, the Northern Ireland border issue was going to be very very easy to sort out."

"People are becoming more worried about the consequences... false promises that were made are now being exposed as that.

"As we see what the future looks like...people are entitled to say 'if I want to think again I should be allowed to do that.'"

But Carole argued "no one said it was going to be straightforward" and "everyone said there would be problems initially."

Campbell disputed this and claimed "yes they did - people like David Davis, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove."

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