Rufus Hound delivers hard truths to caller Jonathan

Rufus Hound delivers hard truths to caller Jonathan

Jonathan had called up earlier in the week to praise Donald Trump, now our host had some words for him

Friday, November 17, 2017

Rufus Hound had some poignant and hard-hitting words for a caller on his show on Thursday.

Earlier in the week, Jonathan had called up to praise Donald Trump for his work so far as US President.

In a long discussion with our host on Thursday, Jonathan made it clear he was not prepared to "compromise with those of bad faith."

In response, Rufus said there was something inside of him which was "profoundly broken."

He said: "This will be the last time we speak, Jonathan. It's not that I am afraid of the debate. 

"Until you are prepared to accept the reason the world seems so dark is because you have your blinds drawn, then there's no point in us speaking.

"We're not having conversations, we're having moments where you shout about things and people roll their eyes."