Rufus Hound gets astonishing call from man who claims Church of England 'taken over by LGBT propaganda'

'This country is now ruled by LGBT fascism' - Rufus Hound gets astonishing call from caller blasted Church of England over gender identity guidelines

Our guest host dismantled Ken's argument efficiently

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rufus Hound got a rather astonishing call from a man who claimed the Church of England (CoE) was "taken over by LGBT propaganda."

The comedian and presenter is covering Iain Lee, and spoke to a caller about the guidelines released by the faith institution on Monday. 

Ken claimed this was a sign of the "folly and cowardice" of the CoE.

He said: "I'm talking about the new sexual ethic, according to LGBT propaganda which has taken over the Church of England. 

"This country is now ruled by LGBT fascism. Anyone who opposes this has to be silenced immediately, there is no freedom of speech allowed for Christians in the United Kingdom.

"The nation has fallen into a sexual cesspit where there is no restraint on sexual activity and everything is accepted as okay if you enjoy it."

Rufus immediately said "everything" Ken had just said was "absolutely horse crap."

He went on to dismantle Ken's entire argument.

Watch above.